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Simone, Alyssa, Au Revoir (Goodbye Until We Meet Again)


Alyssa Simone
Age: 15, Grade: 10

School Name: Staten Island Technical High School, Staten Island, NY
Educator: Yevgenya Michan

Category: Poetry

Au Revoir (Goodbye Until We Meet Again)

Au revoir, you whispered,
The phrase lingering in the heavy, summer air.
Would we really meet again?
I watched as you kissed the setting sun,
Sent your soul up to the violet sky,
And let your words spill through your fingers.
My world remained silent,
And it seemed to be shrinking.
Tree branches swayed with the breeze,
And you slowly walked away,
Taking with you a lifetime of memories
I wrapped into your skin.
I would never see your smiles again,
The really big ones that almost
Fell off your face.
I wouldn’t see your seafoam eyes
That seemed to laugh whenever
We were together.
They spoke in poetic sentences
When your mouth was too scared to,
And saved me from drowning in my own body.
I stare and stare until all I
Can see is darkness,
In a place much too big for me
To conquer alone.
I pretend I am seeing myself from your eyes,
Watching a broken girl frantically writing away her wounds
In a worn notebook with dog-eared pages,
Her jet black hair covering her tears.
She can only breathe words
And relies on her pen to carry them
Out of her heart.
She’s thinking back to that day
When you left,
When the universe tasted sour,
And no matter how many times she
Tries to replay the moment,
The only words she can remember are
Au revoir– goodbye until we meet again