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Kschwendt, Audrey, Regret (Emulating Linda Pastan’s Poem “Anger”)


Audrey Kschwendt
Age: 13, Grade: 8

School Name: Hunter College High School, New York, NY
Educator: Victoria Meng

Category: Poetry

(Emulating Linda Pastan’s Poem “Anger”)

She urges me
To continue walking
But I’m sinking with each step
Despite the heavy winds
Carrying dry sand
That scrapes and scars
against my skin.
She says it is better
To find a safe place,
To try to outrun
What has no escape.
For she is at the bright sunny beach
When sand sprays into her eyes.
A joyous toddler
With laughter like tinkling bells
Messily shoveling sand.
For their sand castle.
For her it is easy to look past.
But I am stuck
In a desert sandstorm
Each tiny grain,
Slipping through the cracks of my hands,
Burning my eyes.
Pricking my face.
Blocking my lungs.
I try to move forward
But strong winds push me back.