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Kim, Louise, La chanson du soleil (The song of the sun)


Louise Kim
Age: 14, Grade: 9

School Name: Horace Mann School, Bronx, NY
Educator: Jennifer Huang

Category: Poetry

La chanson du soleil (The song of the sun)

the sun sings with her sunspot tears falling down her face
             and her soul screams to be              unshackled from her burning outerwear.
her holographic nylon jacket burns to a crisp and melts, sending lines of radio waves down the slides of spacetime.
what are humans, so vile and cruel that we wait and      watch her burn into herself and her ancestors?
transcending the singularity,         do you remember when you first felt euphoria
                and when you felt it last  ?
she told me that she thinks that she should end it all to feel no pain
                                                  and i told her that once you do
it erases the possibility of it ever getting better
but she told me that it won’t get any worse either
                                                              and i sat there and she embraced me as she cried
and oh, how she cried, her sobs wracking her chest, our bodies shook with the sadness inside her
flames licking my             skin but it’s alright
if i can save her it’s best that i do 
                                                                 because i know saving myself is out of the question &
                    remembering the past and my covenant is impossible &
i can’t conjure up any reasons to climb out of the hole i’ve graciously created for myself

hail                                mary
                    full                              of grace

the        lord     is                   with        thee

rosary beads, our protagonist sun tries to touch but they are 

a little girl with a plaid skirt and
           beautiful twisted lies —
                                         within              a mouth lined with red
                                                                                full of red
                                                                                                      evil writhes.

when one misses the sun, she comes back to burn you all and just when you’re sick of her wrath,
the cold, uncaring moon takes her place
                                                               and makes you laugh.
            (out of self-pity)

maybe the sun can shine into my face,
                 making my seeing orbs all glowy and show all of the
            impurities within… beautiful honey colored flecks.
like toblerone!