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Cuddihy, Grace, Amazon Releases Controversial “Gaydar” – Yields Mixed Reviews


Grace Cuddihy
Age: 15, Grade: 10

School Name: Avenues The World School, New York, NY
Educator: Jordan Kravitz

Category: Humor

Amazon Releases Controversial “Gaydar” – Yields Mixed Reviews

Lisa Jones:
5/5 Stars
I am so grateful that I made this purchase! I have had a lot of fun using it on complete strangers (though I garnered some very dirty looks). The device is a little confusing to use at first, but after a while it is pretty easy to understand. My only gripe is that it is a shame that the product is so hard to set up, however as is the product works perfectly!

Patricia Hackman:
2/5 Stars
Doesn’t work.
I recently bought this to use for day to day purposes, but I have discovered that this device does not work at all. During Thanksgiving, my brother was walking past it, and it went off! I had to tell him that it was a metal detector, and it was so embarrassing. I do not understand why this device would think my brother is gay! It clearly stopped working after a few uses, especially because it went off again when my brother’s roommate Blake walked past it! I mean, that is just ridiculous. I sent the device back for a refund, because I was so upset! Why did I spend so much money on something that was a total waste of time?!

Gabriella Burnley:
4/5 Stars
Thank you!!!
I felt as though my husband might be gay. He constantly leaves the room whenever I get naked, and he seems completely disinterested in being intimate with me. Feeling insecure and having a *little* too much wine, I impulse bought this in order to see if my suspicion that my husband was a closeted homosexual was true. I was a little worried that this was a sham, however it works like a charm! It was a little hard to set up (only reason why its 4 stars and not 5), but once it was up and running I immediately used it on my husband. Turns out, he IS gay. And, he was cheating on me for the past few years. I am very thankful that this device freed me from my loveless marriage and my (in hindsight) incredibly homosexual husband. I should have known!

Matthew Roberson:
1/5 Stars
This so-called “gaydar” is completely malfunctional. I purchased this because one of my coworkers recently “came out” as gay, and it caught me completely off guard. I used to think I would be able to tell if someone was gay, on account of the fact that they would be marked by the sins they have committed against God. As I was using this device, it was trying to tell me that completely normal people, my friends even, were homosexual! It’s preposterous! I attempted to contact the manufacturer in the hopes of getting a refund, however they insisted that the Gaydar was functional. Incredibly disappointing.

Katheryn Williams:
3/5 Stars
Goes off randomly?
I bought this for fun a few days ago, and I was using it on random people for a while. However, my device went completely on the fritz! Everytime my boyfriend comes over to tutor my brother, the device completely freaks out! The sensors start buzzing and beeping, and I can’t get it to quiet down no matter what I do. It got so irritating that I had to take the batteries out. In general, the device seems to work okay, so I just can’t figure out why it just freaks out sometimes!

Richard Haynes:
1/5 Stars
I purchased this for recreational use, however this device clearly does not work. While using it on random birds in the park, I accidentally scanned myself. According to the device, I am gay, which is RIDICULOUS. I mean sure, I could see myself having sex with another man. But that’s something that I have shoved down very deep inside. I am NOT gay, and how dare this device try to tell me I am!