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Yu, Almer, some adolescent thoughts


Almer Yu
Age: 14, Grade: 9

School Name: Hunter College High School, New York, NY
Educator: Zachary Gale

Category: Poetry

some adolescent thoughts

i used to apologize 
over and over again
to my stuff animals
when i kept one but
donated the other away.
i felt bad. after all,
they shouldn’t have to be separated.
i offered the one that was leaving
some words of comfort, reassuring it
that it would have a fabulous new owner.
i consoled the one that was staying
that this was for the best.

but it never once occurred to me
that maybe they wanted this.
they wanted to move on.
maybe they wanted change.
maybe change was good.

ice cream stains on
my new pink shirt
were my biggest problem.
the sinking feeling in your chest
when it left the wash
with the same marked figure,
only a hint faded.

who knew those imprints
could leave a mark
on your heart as well?

i was obsessed
with American Girl dolls.
the monthly catalogs that
arrived in the mail
brought me pure bliss.
i fantasized for hours
of the outfits i would
buy for my doll.

i’m not sure when i eventually
no longer wanted them.
when did the switch in my head
flip from extreme affection
to complete disinterest?
was there an exact moment?

it scares me
that my youth is slipping away.
my childhood becoming
reduced to memories.