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Tejeda, Brianna, I am Sick


Brianna Tejeda
Age: 16, Grade: 11

School Name: St Jean Baptiste High School, New York, NY
Educator: Catherine Conley

Category: Poetry

I am Sick

I am from America to Africa to Antarctica to Australia.
I am from the Pacific to the Atlantic to the Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean.

I am from the soil and plants that are planted without your knowledge.
I am the trees whisking in the wind on an Autumn day.
I am the leaves that fall and rub against these city walls.

I am the wind and breeze from summer and winter nights.
I am the sleaves and hat on a jacket keeping you dry on rainy nights.

I am from cells,
composed of many different types of DNA.
I am skin
because I can feel everything that crawls on me.
I am eyes
because I can see everything you’ve done to me.

I am a book,
you must open me to understand me yet you hurt me by doing so.
I am a volcano about to erupt as I am a weed, I always come back.

I am the sadness, the joy, and the fear.
I am your killer that you choose to ignore.

I am sick, something that is inside of me is harming me.
I am scared that I must start over again.
I am the water.
I am the air .
I am the fire.
I am the clouds in the sky.
I am the trees that you see.
I am the birds that fly above your streets.
I am the vines that won’t go away.
I am the weeds that won’t stay away.

I am the Earth and I am sick.