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Rosenblum, Adielle, My Learning Process


Adielle Rosenblum
Age: 15, Grade: 10

School Name: Manhattan High School For Girls, New York, NY
Educator: Miryam Lakritz

Category: Poetry

My Learning Process

I reread the interminable instructions
They seem to have way too many functions
I believe that creating my unsteady heartbeat is definitely one
And maybe the second would be to make me write a ton
A third practically is to test my knowledge 
So of course, what all things lead to, that I can ultimately get into a good college
So all thoughts of my future are unimportant at the moment
While currently trying to pass this assignment, and myself I do not want to disappoint
So I sit there and attempt to comprehend 
The four page prompt and restrictions while my brain energy I just maximized and I feel spent
Deep breathing, I learned, is usually the best technique
When one begins to panic when writing and one’s hand begins to feel weak
I then for the third time start glancing at the page
And maybe I can begin writing at this stage
I sit there beside my desk 
My pen commences scribbling; my writing a mess
I have no idea what is occupying the recently clear sheet
But it doesn’t matter, my intensive scribbling is causing me to fall out of my seat
You can do it- I tell myself again
Just keep writing and don’t let go of that pen
That is exactly what I continue to do 
And thankfully, I’m succeeding all (well, most!) of the way through
My page begins to fill with words
I glance at the once empty lines, my paper flutters as birds
My hand begins to ache yet I do not stop
Besides for a throbbing hand, I know that my writing may not be a flop
The sensation of my palm rubbing against the desk feels like bricks rubbing together
Rub- rub- rub, Oh I wish it felt like a feather
I look at the last lines with joy 
The nerves in my hand, though still continue to annoy
Though I am satisfied with my culmination
Could I possibly have met the expectation?
Oh, how terrible does my hand feel!
My pen- out of ink for real
Yet the words have come together as a song
But I question my writing- do any of my commas even belong?
I know for a fact that I tried my best to answer the prompt
When the teacher will read my writing though, will she taunt?
I’m sure it’s pretty much of a comedy
For readers to read my writing which I think is a rarity
But either way, I don’t think I should fret
The bell has rung, but I can think at the positive asset
I hand in my paper to my instructor who wears an small frown
“Next exam, when time is up you put your pen right down!”
I am not disturbed but I feel great
That I have mastered much skill and a full paper I just did create
Whether this story is true or not shall remain a secret of my own
But after reading this, own writing skills are clearly known (oops!)
I feel accomplished about my assignment nevertheless
Because this is only the beginning of my learning process!