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Mezitis, Tatiana, Mid-Winter Yearning


Tatiana Mezitis
Age: 18, Grade: 12

School Name: Manhattan/Hunter Science High School, New York, NY
Educator: Amara Thomas

Category: Poetry

Mid-Winter Yearning

I’ll speak a word or two of the sea. 
of kitesurfers on crisp cut waters, 
August cocktails served with the scent of still-fresh calamari (charcoal grilled well-lemoned) and drifters, tangled in curtains of ivy, lost in clammy caves  with rocks that, through the waves, look almost soft

where urchins, in inky timidity, puncture the currents.

I’d like to taste the London-grey water on my tongue and wait – 
wait for the tide to come in and the towels to unroll and the blue flag to unfurl and for the boats to sail home, heavy on the silver water.