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Hansong, Tina, Recess


Tina Hansong
Age: 13, Grade: 7

School Name: Horace Mann School, Bronx, NY
Educator: Stephanie Davidow

Category: Poetry


During fifth grade recess 
I remember the sunshine 
beaming on my face:
how warm the air was
despite the cooling breeze,
how the laughter of all the children 
running around playing tag
was loud yet soothing–
how the slide burned my bare legs
and I loved it anyways,
but not as much as the swings, 
sending me back and forth,
how I could just close my eyes 
and feel the wind,
everything else fading 
in the background:
only me, the wind, and the swing
making a calming rhythmic pattern,
a soft quiet heartbeat in my ears.