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Graham, James, The Game


James Graham
Age: 13, Grade: 8

School Name: Blue School, New York, NY
Educator: Caitlin Barry

Category: Flash Fiction

The Game

Walking into the entrance, I look up at the VIP in big letters. My body fizzling with excitement, the Rangers score. No, it was just in my head. I go up the elevator--bing. The door opens up and I run through the hallway and open the door to the deluxe Northwell Health suite. 

Immediately my eyes go straight to the seats. We’re high up, but we have an amazing view and two rows of cushioned seats, and a bar behind us. But the appalling stench of cheap hot dogs and smelly cheese hits me. It almost makes me want to leave but no, I can’t. I’ve been waiting for this all my life, for this moment.

The game hasn’t started because we wanted to be there early. So I go back down, the elevator door opens —bing. I run as fast as my left foot can hop into the store with the scent of new jerseys and everything I want. My uncle gave me $30, I saved $40, and my mom contributed $80,  which adds up to $150. YEEEEESSSSS! Just enough for the official Kappo Kakko-2nd-pick-in-the-2019-draft jersey. From the moment I knew the 18-year-old Finn was joining the Rangers,  I immediately loved him. 

I go back up in the elevator –-bing. The door opens. I grab the signs my sister made and I run down to the ice. My heart sinks into my stomach. It’s too crowded as we try to get closer to the ice to get a puck and we can’t make it. I hear the thud of players shooting the puck.  Then, wham! It hits the plexiglass right in front of me. I walk back up the stairs and into the elevator –bing –I head back to our suite. 

But all of a sudden everything changes. There’s a different mood in the arena. The game starts and the fans chant.