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Dent, Jaida, The Reality of Death


Jaida Dent
Age: 15, Grade: 10

School Name: Brooklyn Emerging Leaders Academy, Brooklyn, NY
Educator: Amara Thomas

Category: Poetry

The Reality of Death

If life had no end then what are you actually living for?
I am the reason why you actually take risks
I am the reason why your beginnings always have endings
I am the reason you actually fear
You fear that in the heat of the moment 
everything will turn upside down and in the blink of an eye
your life has ended. 

If life told you to expect the unexpected then why do you never expect me?
Every time you hear a knock on your door
You look through the peephole or an opening between your blinds
You want to pretend you didn’t invite me to the party?!
Trying to avoid me but in the end, I always find you because I have my ways
You see me as a person who wants to do this
You think I actually want to take your loved ones away
Like snatching souls out of your lifeless bodies is enjoyment to me
As if I am waiting for you with prewritten eulogies in my hand 
along with a casket waiting for your body
I’m the one who’s actually rooting for you
Your life is like a movie ——–and the suspense is really killing me.

I’m sorry… I didn’t want to take your dad away from you
I don’t end lives I just walk them to the afterlife
Every soul shakes as they did on their first day of kindergarten
their hands tightly squeeze mine as they stare up at the golden gates.

Your father and I watched as we saw you break apart like glass hitting the concrete. 
He made me promise to 
Watch over you as you grew
without a man in your life 
Growing vulnerable 

You wake up every morning with the fear that you may not grow to see your children
You fear that your life may end that same way your father’s did
That you, an innocent black girl, may lose her life to another senseless bullet 
Life taken and snatched like the one who gave you life
The cruelty of history stuck on repeat. 

He brought two beautiful babies in this world and didn’t even get to see one of them graduate high school 
Your Christmas lists were never filled with material things
But the one gift that would fill the void in your heart 
That I wanted but couldn’t provide for you myself
I watched you feel like an outcast your entire life
Your type of normal wasn’t the same as everyone else

For years you have hated me,
Made me the villain in the storybook of your life.
And I’ll be just fine with that
But the end of your life is the start of a beautiful reunion that you’ve waited years for
But before that time comes 
Know that the reality of death is
All good things must come to an end