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Culhane, Dechen, Heights


Dechen Culhane
Age: 13, Grade: 7

School Name: Brooklyn Friends School, Brooklyn, NY
Educator: Samantha Laserson

Category: Flash Fiction


He would have to leave soon, it was inevitable. It was so sad to think that he must leave this decrepit abandoned place, a place where you could climb up the buildings and hang off the roofs with no worries, a place where you could think in peace among clouds. The boy had begun to grow weary of how flimsy the rusted roof he was standing on was. Nothing but a thin sheet of corroding metal stood between him and certain death; he could not be happier.  The wind rushed against his ears as he climbed higher and higher. His hands moved quickly and with purpose, after hundreds of climbs his body had adapted. Up here in the clouds, he felt at home and away from the everyday fears of life, in a whole nother world apart from everyone else. Up here the only thing that could hurt him were his own errors and mistakes. Nobody controlled his fate except himself, he was in control. He could see the top now, as it loomed closer he began to grow more and more excited. Soon he will have made it, he will have reached his goal! A few more steps and he would be there, he will have conquered this beast of a building that he dared to climb. He reached the top, the crescendo of his very own symphony had climaxed and yet he felt he needed more. He wanted to go higher, faster, and for longer. A feeling of great sadness washed over him “What’s next?” he said. If he went back down he would be forced to grapple with his problems, a feat so difficult it chilled him to the bone. Up here he had no demons, no history, no one to judge him. As he stood there taking in the views of the whole city he realized, no matter how high he climbed nor how many peeks he reached, he would always long for more.