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Cline, Adelaide, Carve the corners of your body


Adelaide Cline
Age: 16, Grade: 11

School Name: Saint Ann’s School, Brooklyn, NY
Educator: Marty Skoble

Category: Poetry

Carve the corners of your body

The hot breath of something behind you
The way it haunts youBrushing your skin like the wisp of a bug 
A bug out of its element 
In yours 

Scraped the side of your brain 
The edge of your lips — 
And you miss the sparks 
The ones we used to bathe in
Because we had nothing better to do 

If you let it — it could take you away 
Carve the corners of your body 
So you never remember anything else
Not empty, but something new 

We used to let the love jump off us like lice
We let it spread 
And ruin

The raw became the over cooked 
And we danced through the crust 
As if we could brush it off 
Make burnt toast bread again

We couldn’t and we still can’t 

The still water boiled 
And became a tsunami
No swimming 
No sinking